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Wall partitions Somerset
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Folding Walls Somerset
"Concertina partitions help to maximise the potential of your space."
'Concertina partitions divide a space to suit your practical requirements and are therefore ideal for a range of environments including schools, hospitals and venues.'
Folding Walls Somerset
Offering versatility & affordability...

As a folding vinyl partition, concertina partitions create an economical system designed to divide areas quickly and easily. Typical applications of concertina partitions include, but are not limited to, schools, kitchens, nurseries, village halls and venue spaces, for example.

Sound Ratings - Concertina partitions available in four different levels of sound attenuation.
15 dB +
24 dB +
31 dB +
35 dB +
"Although the concertina system is widely used to divide rooms within educational buildings and hospitals, the partitions can be used in almost any building that needs a cost effective solution for maximising the way a space is used."
Wall Partitions Taunton
Key Facts

• Acoustic reduction from 15dB to 35dB
• Top-hung
• Various heights and sizes available
• Vinyl fabric partitions available in many colours
• Single wing or bi-parting
• Narrow or wide stack available
• Support at bottom if required

Wall Partitions Somerset Acoustic reduction from 15dB to 35dB
Wall Partitions Somerset Various heights available
Wall Partitions Somerset Professional installation
Colours finishes
Wall Partitiion Somerset
Stacking Options
Wall Partitions Somerset
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Wall Particians Somerset
Wall Particians Somsert
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