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Wall partitions Somerset
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  Acoustic Movable Walls
  Sound rating - 40dB RW to 57dB RW
  "Delivering high quality acoustic movable walls which look
great and perform well creating extra space."
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Acoustic movable walls are easy to operate, offering maximum spatial versatility for offices, training areas, educational establishments, hotels and meeting rooms. You can also personalise your acoustic wall with vinyl lettering and colour options to create a unique multi- functional working space.

Acoustic movable walls can be folded away into a remote storage facility, allowing the newly opened space to create a generous space for client meetings or presentations.

Being top hung, acoustic walls do not require floor rails while the panels can be easily locked into position using a quick release mechanism operated from the panel edge.


This means when released, the panels are simply rolled & stacked away making room for important presentations and much needed space.

In an office, the acoustic movable wall contributes to an adaptable environment, allowing for a more dynamic approach to meetings, training and presentations.

If you would like to find out more about the acoustic movable wall solution, get in touch today.

Somerset Movable Walls

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Wall Particians Somerset
Wall Particians Somesert
Wall Particians Somerset
Wall Particians Somsert
Moveable Walls Somsert
Moveable Walls Somsert
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